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il y a 5 ans
Retro Cartoons is the home for Saturday Morning on Relive classic cartoons from the 60's, 70's & 80's and let the memories flood back. Featuring Woody Woodpecker, Veggietales, Casper the Friendly Ghost, He Man and many more!

SUBSCRIBE to the channel now for all our latest updates! The NEW channel will be the no.1 hangout for all things She-Ra, Princess of Power! From never-before-seen footage and images, to classic compilations and themed character weeks, highlighting the best of the forces of good and evil. We will also have episode commentaries featuring Tintin He-Man expert James Eatock, as well as some of the most bizarre clips featuring the most powerful woman in the universe that you're ever likely to see!

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Using her unique powers She-Ra, aided by her friends of the Great Rebellion Bow, Glimmer, Kowl, Light Hope, Madame Razz, and Queen Angella (to name but a few), defend Etheria again Hordak and The Evil Horde.