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2 years ago

Four dogs rescued after allegedly being dumped in narrow gap between two buildings, Thailand

This is the heartwarming moment four stray dogs were rescued after being callously dumped in a narrow gap between two homes.

Supatrawadi Chanthanan, 43, heard the animals whining beside the building when she opened her shop yesterday on the morning o May 28 in Buriram, northeastern Thailand.

She checked with her neighbour Pathumrat Chaipan, 46, who also heard the noise. They unexpectedly found four black dogs stuck in the tiny crevice between her house and a concrete wall.

The exhausted mutts, which are believed to have been trapped for more than seven hours, were seen on their backs unable to move or get out from the 20-centimetre space between two walls.

Residents believe that a cruel neighbour slung them in the gap and left them to die after getting annoyed with seeing them wandering around the street.

Pathumrat said: “I first heard them at 2 am but I thought they were dogs from a house nearby, so I didn’t pay attention and went back to bed.

“But I still heard them and again when I work up in the morning. And that was when Supatrawadi rang my doorbell and asked if I also heard some animals crying out in pain.’’

Rescue workers from the Siam Ruam Jai Pu-In foundation arrived after Supatrawadi’s call. They planned to drop a piece of cloth tied to a hoop and hook their legs before pulling each of them up because the crevice was too narrow for any human to get in.

The rescue became more difficult as some of the dogs fell off several times while being pulled up. One of the staff was also bitten on his right hand and was taken to the hospital for a rabies vaccine.

It took the team an hour to extricate all of the strays, which immediately ran off to the field after being released. Rescuers also put some food and water for them by the sidewalk.

According to residents in Nang Rong district, the dogs - all aged about five months - were part of a pack of harmless strays which were always walking around looking for food in the area.

They believed that someone might want to kill the dogs by throwing them into a small space so that they could not move or eat. Villagers also called on the police to catch the cruel person.

Pathumrat said: “It was unusual to see all of them stuck inside with their legs up in the air. Because if they went inside and were stuck there by themselves, they should be in a crouching position. It was like someone intentionally carried them and put them down into the hole.

“We would like the authorities to look for the person and charged them with animal cruelty for the torture.”

Footage shows four brown dogs on their backs trapped between two concrete walls. The emergency dog rescuers are filmed pulling eac dog out of the crevice before dropping them on the floor as the canine strays run off into the busy metropolis.

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