3 years ago

Girlfriend pranks her partner with giant SPIDER inside anniversary present

This is the skin-crawling moment a woman pranked her partner by putting a giant spider in his anniversary present.

Chricel Cerdena, 19, bought boyfriend Charlie Alba, 19, a framed picture to celebrate being together for 16 months on May 16.

The man was delighted with the first gift then eagerly unwrapped the second box on his bed in Laguna, the Philippines.

His cruel partner can be heard in the video excitedly saying ‘’open it, rip off the paper’’.

But Charlie leaped up with fright when he opened the lid and an enormous house spider sprung out. The six-inch-long arachnid was seen clinging to the side of the cardboard box.

The terrified teenager is heard saying: ''There’s a spider! It even has eggs!''

The teenage couple has been together for 16 months and they celebrate their monthly anniversaries.

Speaking after, Chricel said she found the spider on the bathroom ceiling and caught it herself before putting it in the box.

She added: ''I thought it would be really funny because I know he doesn’t like spiders. We both laughed about it afterwards.''