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Sydney Delong: Interview at Canadian Music Week with the AU review

The AU Review
The AU Review
In her first ever Australian interview, the AU review's Larry Heath sat down indie-alternative musician, Sydney Delong during Canadian Music Week last month - and we're excited to present this interview as part of our new AU Introduces video series. The young, bright-eyed singer had a lot to say as where she was performing aligned with her officially starting adulthood, "I used to do the cafes - a little more of the casual stuff. This is my first kind of real 'adult' show," Delong continues. "I felt so grown up - I got to perform in front of grandparents and people that were older than me and people my age - it was awesome."

The musician then explains how thankful she is that she started playing at a young age and made the right decision of not putting off her music career until later, "It's been a huge evolving thing - I talk to tons of people and they don't start until they've done university," She says. "I've really been lucky that I started when I was young so I could adapt and evolve and kind of shape myself through my maturity. The biggest goal that I've ever set as a 19 year old is I wanna be as good as the people that start at 24/25 - to be the five years ahead."

Delong then continues on about her music continually evolving and maturing, through both her songwriting and live performance, "My songwriting has definitely matured lyrically - a lot of stuff has matured throughout my experiences and just the way I perform my songs has gotten really different too. When I write I think about how I'm gonna perform - how it's gonna be adapted on stage and I think that is something that has really evolved."

To find out more about Sydney Delong, check out her website:



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