Online Take Care of Your People For Full

  • 5 years ago
Full E-book When author Paul Sarvadi cofounded Insperity, an HRoutsourcing company, he concentrated on building a business plan that focusedon people and values rather than cold, hard economics. By believing that one?sbusiness is only as strong as their human capital, Paul was able to grow Insperityinto a multibillion-dollar company. In his debut book, Take Care of YourPeople: The Enlightened CEO?s Guide to Business Success, you will learn how toestablish a strong human capital strategy that exudes your company?s values andpropels business success. Backed by Paul?s thirty-plus years of experiencein corporate management and aiding the struggles of small- to medium-sizedbusinesses, Take Care of Your People is the perfect resource for any CEO orexecutive who wants to improve their business outcomes through their mostvaluable resource: their people. For Full