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2 years ago

Gluten Free Recipes - Corn and Spinach Cheese Melt Gluten Free Sandwich | Sprinng Foods

Sprinng Foods - What’s a better way to eat your greens? Make this delicious corn and spinach Gluten free sandwich to kick start your day. They’re also so easy to pack for a quick lunch! Brb, drooling.
Gluten Free Corn and Spinach Cheese Melt Sandwich Recipe:
Gluten Free Bread, Chopped Spinach, Milk, Oregano, Mozzarella Cheese, Chilly Flakes, Corn, Onion
1. Take Gluten Free Soft Herb Bread and butter it up
2. Add oil in pan and onion & garlic into it. Stir it.
3. Add boiled corn kernels to the mix.
4. Add in chopped spinach
5. Add Gluten Free Flour. We used almond flour.
6. Slowly add milk and stir it continuously.
7. Spread mayonnaise and pesto sauce on bread
8. Grill both the sides and Enjoy your sandwich.