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Modi 2.0 it is!

It's been a resounding victory and a historic mandate for the NDA in 2019 Lok Sabha Polls.

At the same time, it has been a crushing defeat for the Congress after the trouncing seen in 2014.

Viju Cherian, Opinion Editor, Moneycontrol gets in conversation with Bhupendra Chaubey, Executive Editor, CNN News18

to understand his analysis of the lok Sabha elections 2019.

What does the bigger saffron wave indicate and what’s the road ahead for the Congress.

How big a concern should losing Amethi be for the Congress?

The BJP has gained ground against regional parties, forayed into unchartered territories.

All eyes are also now on Delhi, who is at a greater disadvantage after the Delhi defeat: AAP or Congress?

Catch all that and more in this interview.
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