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2 years ago

Playing Mario Kart DS online in 2018 (Real DS vs Emulator races!)

Playing on a real DS while PeeJay Bonobo plays in an emulator! Check out PeeJay's channel for more MelonDS AltWFC online videos:

To play MKDS online on a real DS/3DS/2DS, here are some tutorials:

To play in an emulator, here's a pack with almost everything necessary:!cJ5jFSxQ!CIZca2fu-Pvh9hHckLcSA4zUqjHMZrtW35VKGhzSzrg (you'll have to get your own MKDS rom). If you have any questions, you can ask around in the WFC Revival subreddit and Discord:

Wanna play DS online with us? Join our Discord and let's give it a shot (no promises):

Tracks played:

00:33 DK Pass
04:19 Baby Park (Game Cube)
06:06 Cheep Cheep Beach
09:13 Moo Moo Farm (N64)

Captured on a Loopy DS capture card.

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