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3 years ago

Trump Now Claims Windmills Are Killing Bald Eagles

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President Trump held a media event Tuesday.

President Trump was in Louisiana on Tuesday and delivered remarks on his administration's efforts to increase exports of liquefied natural gas. He also commented on wind energy, stating: "You want to see a bird cemetery? Go under a windmill sometime."
"In California, you go to jail for five years if you kill a bald eagle," Trump added. "If you go under a windmill, you see them all over the place. Not a good situation."  Trump went on to claim that "when the wind doesn't blow, you don't watch television that night." He has asserted that in the past, but as the New York Times points out, that's not how energy distribution and management works.  Grid operators pull from a variety of available sources, including wind and solar.  The Times reports: "Last year, wind power accounted for nearly one-fifth of the electricity generated in the Texas grid, and people were still able to watch TV there."