4 years ago

Chronic Ankle Sprains and Strain - Soleus Calf Muscle Stretch

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To stretch out the left Soleus portion of the calf muscles place the forefoot of your left foot on an incline block or a piece of wood against the baseboard on the wall. The heel is planted on the ground. Then bend your left knee towards the wall while lowering your body downwards. Hold this stretch for 30 seconds, doing 3 sets on each side 2 times per day. If you have a history of rolling over on your ankles and spraining them, they may be weak and / or you might have tight calf muscles as well. This is an excellent way to stretch out the Soleus portion of your calf muscles if they are really tight. Many sports involve the use of a mobile calf muscle and doing this stretch can increase your ankle mobility to help you improve performance, especially in running-related sports and activities.