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3 years ago

E-scooter riders bring chaos to the streets of Paris

France's transport minister has said electric scooter riders have brought "the law of the jungle" to the nation's streets.

According to the Times newspaper of London, minister Elisabeth Borne was quoted as saying that the craze for e-scooters had developed "very rapidly and in a manner that is a bit anarchic."

A total of 284 people have been injured and five killed in accidents involving scooters in the most recent figures available (2017), the paper said.

The rental fleet of e-scooters in Paris alone is estimated at 25,000, the paper reported, and some can reach speeds of 37mph.

In this video, one Paris citizen captured several instances of bad scooter safety on the streets, including a young child holding onto the frame of an e-scooter and three women balanced on the deck of another.

In both videos, none of the scooter riders are wearing a helmet.

The father in the first video can be seen driving with his young boy amongst cars and motor vehicles on the main road, while a passerby says "No!" with his hand and gestures with disapproval in the video, shot on April 19.

On another occasion, filmed on September 18, 2018, three people were seen all riding at once on a dockless Lime scooter at night.

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