[MOST WISHED] Back Words: One Painter's Voice in the Conversation by Peter Malone

  • 5 years ago
As the art world expands globally, as art galleries become wholesalers to international art fairs, as museums and university art departments become entangled in the same irrational marketplace-artists-those individuals, without whom none of this would exist, remain as precariously positioned in this cultural matrix as ever."Back Words: one painter's voice in the conversation"; is a narrative of a painter's search for an art of personal meaning and public relevance, that can withstand the hype and the fashion pressures of the contemporary art world, while striving to remain true to genuine contentions imposed by history and the substantial innovations of the last century.From childhood, though art school, graduate study, and as studio instructor and college art gallery director, Peter Malone takes the reader along as he revisits the events and influences that took him from geometric abstraction to the portrait.In offering the reader a rare look inside an artist's mind, "Back Words" provides a fresh and unique perspective on many commonly held notions regarding contemporary art and the education of artists.