The Wiggles - Lights, Camera, Action, Wiggles! TV Series Deleted Scenes

  • 5 years ago
Here are the deleted scenes of the Lights, Camera, Action, Wiggles! television series edited by me, Daniel Celano. If there any more deleted scenes, message me. In the meantime, enjoy.

1. Music with Murray: Drum Rhythms (from Episode 9)
2. Short Skit: The Wiggles on the Floor (Sky View) (from Episode 12)
3. Short Skit: Sun Kaleidoscope (from Episode 25)
4. Wiggly Community Service Announcement: Laundry (from Episode 26)
5. Short Skit: The Wiggles and Captain Feathersword (Wiggly Sports Theme) (from Episode 37)
6. Music with Murray: Harmonicas (From Episode 37)