4 years ago

Full E-book Mixed Media Portraits with Pam Carriker: Techniques for Drawing and Painting Faces

Online Set your portraits apart from the rest!Portraits can be an intimidating subject. But not with Art At the Speed of Life author and workshop instructor Pam Carriker as your teacher. She helps you take on faces one quick sketch at a time for faster, easier, more enjoyable drawing and painting. Not your average book on drawing the face, Mixed Media Portraits With Pam Carriker shows easy ways to draw more realistic faces in your own signature style. The goal is not an immaculate finished portrait, but a continually growing collection of personal, expressive sketches that you can use and reuse in your mixed-media work.Inside you'll find:An easy-to-learn face-mapping technique that allows you to draw faces from your imagination, without a model or photo in front of youMini-demonstrations breaking down each facial featureSimple color combinations for mixing both realistic and out-of-the-ordinary skin tones15 step-by-step projects featuring original ways to use your portraits as starting points for mixed-media masterpiecesTons of expert tips, from selecting the right pencil for the job to creating self-portraits, working with reference photos and using transfer techniquesIn the true spirit of mixed media, this book is all about combining, layering and experimenting in your pursuit of portrait nirvana. It will get you out of your comfort zone and into the habit of making faces that are truly and uniquely your own. For Full