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3 years ago

Review: Nike ZoomX Vaporfly Next%

There’s 15 percent more foam underfoot.

The offset has come down from 11mm to 8mm.

It promises to grip the road better and most importantly be more comfortable over 26.2 miles.

This shoe is called the Next%, not the 5%, because Nike tested it and found that the increase in running economy was between four and five percent.

Now all this new tech is very exciting, but to find out how it feels compared to the old Vaporfly 4%, we’re going to run 800 meters in both shoes at Eliud Kipchoge’s marathon pace and I’m going to tell you how they feel differently on my feet.

So obviously I didn’t make that look as good as Eliud Kipchoge does, but, that being said, the original Zoom Vaporfly 4% feels fantastic at that 4:38 pace range.

Easily the most cushioned racing shoe I’ve ever been in.

That carbon fiber plate really keeps your ankle in check and just keeps that forward roll on that 11mm offset, generating tons of momentum.

These shoes have a lot more foam underfoot.
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