Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs | Animated Fairy Tales | Read by Anita Harris

  • 5 years ago
Join Anita Harris for a special reading of our animated fairy tale, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs!

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★ Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs ★

When the evil queen's magic mirror tells her that her stepdaughter Snow White is the fairest of them all, her jealous rage leads her to hiring a huntsman to kill her. But the huntsman, overcome with Snow White's beauty sets her free in the forest. Snow White, scared and alone, soon befriends seven dwarfs who live in a secluded cottage.

She is able to live in secret - until the magic mirror reveals her whereabouts to the evil queen. The cunning queen then disguises herself as an old lady, and begins to hatch plans to kill her for good - perhaps even with just a red apple....


★ About Fairy Tales ★
Among the oldest and most loved forms of storytelling, fairy tales teach children important life lessons, develop critical thinking and introduce them to new worlds beyond their imagination. Each classic fairy tale in our collection is specially selected, brought to life through colourful animations and the familiar voices of celebrities, and features titles that will allow children from all over the world to read along.


Written by: Mike Bennett
Read by: Anita Harris
Executive Producer: Michael Infante
Producer: Adam King
Supervisor: Alice Dyson-Jones
Illustrator/Animator: Sandra Dias
Audio Copyright: One Media iP Ltd
Visual Copyright: Diagonal View Ltd
© 2014

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