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3 years ago

Different types of Hunting

Humans have been hunting since the stone age and hunting has been an integral part since. The most common method is 'Shooting'. Shooting can be divided into 2 major categories: (i) Individual and (ii) Collective. Among expeditions of individual shooting, one can include: (a) Hunting with a dog: The hunting is practised with dogs that are lively and ardent. (b) Hunting without a dog: The hunter travels the territory in search for the game and a specific objective. (c) Camouflage hunting: The hunter hides in the area frequented by the animals, generally during dawn or dusk. (d) Active hunting: The lone hunter immerses himself in a silent territory, as he draws in towards the shooting range of the targeted animal. Collective Hunting, includes: Framed hunting: All the hunters are placed in a line as they enclose the game to a specific area for the kill. Hunting with a pack of dogs: The hunters place themselves according to the trail of the game as the dogs are launched across the spotted animal. The hunt with Ferret: The ferret is previously trained by the hunter, and it is used to bring the rabbit out of its shell. There exist other hunting practices such as Bait hunting, Wild boar hunting, Recreational hunting, Safari hunting, etc.