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3 years ago

Full E-book Common Core Sense: Tapping the Power of the Mathematical Practices Review

Full E-book The Standards for Mathematical Practice provide an excellent foundation for encouraging students to think, reason, and persevere like mathematicians. Yet many elementary school teachers struggle with unpacking the practices and figuring out how to implement them in their classrooms. In Common Core Sense , Christine Moynihan makes the practices more explicit and accessible and shows what each practice might look, sound, and feel like in the classroom using the GOLD framework: G u Go for the goals. What are the major purposes of the practice? O u Open your eyes & Observe. What should you see students doing as they utilize the practice? What should you see yourself doing? L u Listen. What should you hear students saying as they utilize the practice? What should you hear yourself saying? D u Decide what you need to do in order to make the most of the practice. This timely book provides an easy way to learn, assess, and deepen your own understanding of each practice. For Full