Robbers use excavators to rob tons of ATM machines

  • 5 years ago
COUNTY ATRIM, NORTHERN IRELAND — A group of robbers in Northern Ireland have been going all Fast & Furious with their ATM heists. Instead of stealing money from the ATM, they have been jacking the whole ATM — by ripping it out with excavators.

According to The Guardian, the three bandits have been driving around in a black van, borrowing diggers and so far tearing 11 ATMs straight out of buildings.

But how do they drive away with the ATMs they fish out? Well, they carefully dump them into their getaway van through its rooftop. Clever.

You'd think that it would be pretty easy to catch robbers running around town on an excavator, but po-po has been having a hard time tracking them down.

To be fair, even one of the shop owners whose ATM got snatched thought a call he received alerting him about an excavator-robbery was an April Fool's joke, can you blame him?

But there's one thing we can learn from this: Next time you forget your PIN number, try using an excavator. Europeans definitely don't play around when it comes to robberies. They sure go hard.