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WC19 - Yuzuru HANYU - FS (ESP ITA) [HD] - 日本語翻訳付, Eng sub, 中文字幕, Spa sub

Commentary by Massimiliano Ambesi and Angelo Dolfini

Japanese translation by Nymphea: https://bit.ly/2JGQh1H
Japanese subtitles by mii.
English translation by fireovertheice
Chinese translation and subtitles by Crystal
Spanish translation by Alba Grigori and Tayarisa

Video and English/Spanish subtitles by me.

Reproduction of translation is Prohibited (翻訳の転載禁止)

I do not own this, copyright belongs to its original producer
Please do not re-upload or edit without permission
If anyone wants to use or share my videos, please ask me first and put the link to the original source.

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