LG and Samsung TV models ranked most cost-effective for premium TV

  • 5 years ago
South Korea's LG OLED TV and Samsung QLED TV have won praise from U.S. consumer media for their cost effectiveness within the premium TV market.
U.S. product reviewers Consumer Report released their top four "can't miss picks" for cost effectiveness in the 65-inch and above TV category on Thursday.
LG Electronics' 65-inch OLED TV came in first place, receiving 88 points.
Samsung Electronics' 65-inch QLED TV received 79 points ranking second on the list. This model, which is only half the price of LG's OLED TV, scored highly for image and sound quality and HDR functions.
Chinese firm TCL's 65-inch LCD TV came fourth in the list, scoring poorly on sound quality compared to the LG and Samsung models.