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Nation at 9: Masum Akhtar Advocated Singing National Anthem

A moderate Muslim headmaster has gone public, accusing the Mamata Banerjee government of shielding a group of Moulvis who thrashed him for teaching his students the national anthem in Kolkata.

Kazi Masum Akhtar has not only been banned from the Madrassa but has also been hounded out of the locality. In fact he hasn't been able to set foot in the locality where the Madrassa is located. Not just this, declaring him a Hindutva agent the local Moulvis asked him to prove his Islamic credentials by asking him to grow his beard.

To ensure he followed their diktat he was asked to send his photograph every week to establish he is complying. Mr Akhtar has written numerous letters to various state authorities including the chief minister seeking help. But no action has been taken, even an fir has not been filed, which raises disturbing questions.

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