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2 years ago

Kissa Kursi Ka: Who will be the Chief Minister of Maharashtra ?

"Today people from the Varkari Samaj have come to my house to bless me and support Shiv Sena for the upcoming assembly polls. The love that I have been showered with is enough for me. I do not aspire to become the CM of Maharashtra," Thackeray said.

He was addressing a gathering of people from the Varkari sect, devotees of Lord Vitthal, who have declared support for Shiv Sena in the elections.

"Everyone wants to be the CM and people fight for the chair. But see how fortunate I am. I do not want the crown on my head, yet people want to see me as the CM. This love has to be earned," he said.

Though Shiv Sena has been pitching strongly for Uddhav as chief ministerial candidate of the saffron alliance, BJP has not been enthusiastic about it with its leaders maintaining a decision on who would occupy the post will be taken after the polls.

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