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3 years ago

India News: Bhayyuji Maharaj tried mending things between Raj and Uddhav Thackerey

New Delhi: Bhayyuji Maharaj has quietly launched a concerted effort to bring the warring Thackeray cousins, Uddhav and Raj, together to take on Congress in Maharashtra and bolster the BJP-Sena alliance's electoral tally in the key battleground state, four people familiar with the matter have told India News.

Senior BJP figures in Maharashtra have been tasked by the Narendra Modi also to work on the two cousins for "Maha Yuti", or a "grand alliance", to ensure that the anti-Congress votes are not split. During his two recent visits to Mumbai, Modi, who heads BJP's campaign committee, discussed flaws in the Maharashtra strategy in his meetings with the BJP's state unit and stressed the need to initiate the process of trying to bring the Thackeray cousins together.

Representatives of the two Thackeray cousins and their parties were not immediately available for comment, nor was Phadnavis of the BJP. Asked about the BJP's attempts to bring the Thackeray cousins closer, BJP's spokesman Prakash Javadekar said: "The first instruction we have got from the party leadership on the attempts to form a grand alliance in Maharashtra is that we should not discuss any developments with the media till some results are seen." Sena is among the BJP oldest allies, and Modi and his representatives had a delicate task in convincing it to get into any kind of alliance with the MNS.

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