Working-level officials to get into fine-tuning details of the summit with Kim-Trump sitdown only days away

  • 5 years ago
We are less than two days from the start of the second North Korea-U.S. summit.
And working-level officials from the two sides are still busy fine-tuning the last details.
Now for more on the summit and the ongoing preparations...., we're going to connect live with our reporters Lee Ji-won and Park Hee-jun in Hanoi.
So let's start with Ji-won.
We're hearing that working-level officials have been holding talks every day since last week.
What's going on today in that regards?

Ji-yoon I'm at the Hotel du Parc Hanoi, where the U.S. delegates are staying,... and where the negotiations have been going on for days.
But today's talks did not start yet.
We hear two vehicles are in front of the State Guest House, probably to bring Pyeongyang's lead negotiator Kim Hyok-chol here later.
As you said, with a matter of days left until the summit,... the officials are expected to start or have already started drawing up the Hanoi Joint Declaration that will be released after the summit.
They have been meeting everyday since last Thursday,... and the hours a day they've been meeting has been decreasing -- over 7 hours on Friday to just 2 hours thirty minutes on Sunday.
Also yesterday, the officials took the morning off, with Stephen Biegun, Washington's top negotiator, seen at a local church attending mass.
So we're guessing they are headed in the same direction,... and narrowing their differences.
The main points of contention are understood to include Pyeongyang's dismantlement of its nuclear facility at Yeongbyeon, a declaration to end the Korean War, and allowing inter-Korean economic exchanges.

And there was an update on President Trump's trip to Vietnam as well...

Jiyoon, President Trump, like we projected, is due to arrive in Hanoi by late Tuesday, local time.
Tweeting on Sunday, President Trump said he will be leaving "early tomorrow" for the summit, which will be Monday, U.S. time.
It's expected President Trump will be here through Thursday, as that's the schedule which has been penciled in for Secretary Pompeo by the U.S. State Department.
Back to you Ji-yoon.