Peshawar Zalmi Official Pashto Anthem 2019 - Zalmi Da Pekhawar - Zeek Afridi ft. Gul Panra - PSL 4

5 years ago
Song: Zalmi Da Pekhawar
Singers: Zeek Afridi & Gul Panra
Lyrics: Layaq Zada

Peshawar Zalmi Pasht Anthem is based on the cultural and historical background of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. It educates the youth (Zalmi) to play their role in society for peace and harmony in their respective fields. The anthem covers the feelings of the KP region and those who are living abroad and having the love for their country and feel that Zalmi are the only representatives who are advocating their voices globally and do hope that the same will bring a positive change on the minds of the Pakistani nationals living abroad.