How To See Tags On Youtube Videos 2019

  • 5 years ago
How To See Tags On YouTube Videos 2019 - FREE Video SEO Cheatsheet

Hi it’s Doug Prentice from the Marketing Generator.
Youtube tags.
Do you ever look at the tags box in YouTube before you publish your video and ask yourself
How important are tags?
What do tags do?
What tags should I use?
Well, stick around and watch this short video where I’ll answer these questions
How to see tags on YouTube videos 2019
How important are tags to your youtube video?
Tags are a very ,very important as they tell YouTube what your video is about
While less important than content and engagement, they still play a vital part in ranking your video.
What do tags do?
Tags are like pointers towards your video and help it rank for your targeted keywords.
Additionally, tags get your video to appear in the related videos at the right hand side of the page.
So it helps to have some of the same tags as the top videos.
What tags should you use?
For the best results, tags should include your keyword and versions of it plus the tags being used by your top competitors for the same keywords.
So if your keyword is “how to bake the best chocolate ginger cake”, that should be your first tag in the tag box.
Then you can put in a few variants of that, such as “best chocolate ginger cake”, “bake chocolate cake” etc.
In addition to that, you will want to include some of your main competitors’ tags.
So, how do you find your competitors’ tags and which ones should you choose?
How to see tags on YouTube videos 2019
There are 2 methods I recommend. They are free although both have paid versions that provide more information.
But for our purposes we’ll look at the free versions of VidIQ and Tube Buddy

HoHow To See Tags On YouTube Videos 2019

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