Uliyen Osai - Sarath Babu praises his son

5 years ago
Uliyen Osai - Tamil Movie

Star Cast: Vineeth, Keerthi Chawla, Sarath Babu, Manorama, Kovai Sarala
Music: Ilayaraja
Direction: Ilavenil

Description : Uliyen Osai is a Tamil Period Drama Film. The story begins with Sarath Babu desiring to build a great temple in Thanjavur. He wishes some beautiful sculptures to be installed and sends out his people far and wide in the search of a woman who looks good enough to be a model for the sculptor Vineeth. The search goes on for quite a while without finding a girl whom the king thinks good enough to be the model for the sculptures in the temple. That is when Sarath Babu's son steps in and offers to find a solution.