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Mullum Malarum - Rajini rejects Sarath Babu

Mullum Malarum Tamil Movie

Star cast: Rajnikant, Shoba, Fatafat Jayalakshmi, Sarath Babu
Directed by: J. Mahendran
Music: Ilayaraja

Rajnikant and Shoba are siblings. Rajni is a winch operator for the power house. Jayalakshmi seeks shelter in Rajni's house and he allows her to stay. Sarath Babu arrives as the new engineer. Once Sarath counsels Rajni that winch shouldn't be used for personal purposes. Rajni dislikes it. They both become inimical due to a clash of ego. Rajni loses one of his hands in a road . Rajni and Jayalakshmi fall in love and they get married. Meantime Sarath loves Shoba. Due to the enmity, Rajni looks for a different groom much to the dislike of everyone. Whether Shoba-Sarath pair unites and Rajni-Sarath get into good terms is the rest of the narration.

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