Homemade Curd Recipe - Tips & Tricks To Make Curd At Home - Basic Cooking - Ruchi

  • 5 years ago
Learn how to make Curd at home with Chef Ruchi Bharani on Rajshri Food.

From now on there is no need to buy curd from the market, you can simply make it at home that too with just 3 ingredients. Do try this basic recipe at home and let us know your feedback in the comments below.

1/2 ltr Milk (Full Fat)
2 tsp Curd
2 tsp Water

Method of preparation:
In a vessel, add milk and give it a boil.
Keep stirring it lightly.
After the milk comes to a boil, switch off the gas and let it cool down.
In a glass, add curd, water and whisk it together.
After the milk cools down, remove the cream from the milk.
Strain the milk in a bowl, add 2 tbsp of the curd and water mixture and mix well.
Cover the bowl and keep it in a warm and dry space for 4-5 hours to set.
Refrigerate the curd for 2 hours before you are ready to serve.
Our Homemade Curd is ready.