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Lofi Hip Hop Beats to Kill to - Overwatch Montage x Lofi | Froliccc Twitch Clips 8

Eastern Rome
for all you sadboys out there. i got a problem, i don't even know if i can solve it. payload in Dorado, sleep dart till unconscious. booped and then i'm off it, left shift hasn't cooled yet. take me from this awful match cuz i just missed my ult, and...
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Edited by EasternRome.
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Music: zaya - exist in me (scary all over flip)
sleepyboy homeless - coping mechanisms (Prod. lildeath)
LiL BO WEEP- i wrote this song 4 u
zaya - self hate
Ocean - 17 ft. Shiloh Dynasty (xxxtentacio type beat)
Khai Dreams - Summer Is Like a Dream

Major Videos/Clips:
Mami Tomoe vs. Charlotte and Mami's Bad End from Puella Magi Madoka Magica
Chelsea's Death from Akame Ga Kill
Mob vs. Koyama from Mob Psycho

1) song X/Y/Z (most likely self hate) isn't really lofi?
yes, not all of the songs are conventional lofi, but they all have a very similar atmosphere
2) this video has an identity crisis, not sure if it's an amv or gmv?
it's a gmv with amv tendencies
3) does this ashe main named froliccc even like lofi?
i mean he made some on soundcloud, so