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3 years ago

Thick blanket of smog covers large parts of Korea

Arirang News
Arirang News
We start with the high levels of ultra fine dust blanketing the Korean peninsula.
The dust is among the worst we've seen this winter.
For more on that and the rest of today's weather, let's connect to Lee Jee-hyun at the weather center.
Jee-hyun, things are pretty serious here.

Yes Mark. And children are especially vulnerable to the small PM 2-point-5 ultra fine dust particles. People could suffer from burning or itchy eyes and dry throats. The nose, as the air filter for the lungs, is the first part of the body to suffer from exposure to pollution.

A good quality face mask is a must to protect your lungs. Western parts of the country will likely see very bad levels of ultra fine dust all day, while the rest will see bad to very bad levels. Even at home, we should avoid frying or stir frying... as cooking can be the major source of indoor air pollutants.

Ultra fine dust advisories are in place for many parts of the country, stagnant air flow and more toxic smog from China will only lead to dustier conditions. But many experts suggest we should open the windows for at least ten minutes, even on smoggy days.

No heavy jackets or winter gear is necessary today, temperatures will remain on the mild side under mostly sunny skies, but expect the toxic smog to block out the sun.

Temperatures will see a big drop on Wednesday, but we would have another round of mild weather by the end of the week and into the weekend.

That's all for me at this hour.

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