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3 years ago

All about Bangkok City Buses : Buses in Bangkok, Thailand 2019 in Hindi : Thailand Vlog

JASO Xpress
बैंकाक सिटी बस सर्विस के बारे में सब कुछ...
मुझे आशा है आपको ये वीडियो बहुत पसंद आएगा...


"Do as the locals do" This is my favorite quotation and is the best way to travel anywhere in cheap.

Thailand Vlog & Bangkok Vlog. In Bangkok Thailand, There are many mode of transport like Sky Train BTS, metro MRT, Tuk tuk, Taxi and Bike Taxi.

In this video I am giving you tips about how to use bangkok local city buses and talking about how you can travel in local city buses of Bangkok city. Maximum fare for the non ac bus is about 15 Rupees. There are two types of buses in Bangkok City, 1st Non Ac and 2nd air conditioned buses. Of course non AC is cheap.

to get these buses you can use google mp that shows witch shows that witch but will go to that place. Google map show the Bus No and bus color and you can identified the with the help of both No. and color.

You may wait about 15 minutes in the bus stop. after get on the but you have to sit some where and a lady bus conductor will come to you to ask the place and collect the fare.

Many bus stops in the google map written in Thai no in English then mobile, you can show to conductor with the Thai written bus stop name in the google map.

there are so many bus nos and colors so be careful.
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