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3 years ago

Temperatures rise a touch but dust sweeps in _ 010419

Arirang News
Arirang News
Good morning, temperatures will surge well above average on this Friday, the mercury rising slightly higher than what it was on Thursday... but southern provinces will see temperatures similar to yesterday. Before we take a closer look at the readings...

Those of us in the central regions will need to brace for toxic smog, regions in the west including Seoul could see bad air all day, what's worse... micro fine dust levels will be high.. it's already started to rise... we'll need face masks and scarves to protect ourselves from the cocktail of dust and smog.

Shifting back to today's temperatures, morning lows in most parts are a couple notches higher than yesterday, at minus 6 for Seoul and Daejeon.

Daily highs will be similar to a tad higher than yesterday, getting up to 4 degrees in Seoul with a dry weather warning still in place. Jeju is forecast to see light rain in the evening.

That's Korea for you and here's the international weather for viewers around the world.

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