Closer look at pigs, celebrating the Year of the Golden Pig in 2019
  • 5 years ago
2019 is the Year of the Golden Pig,... which is the twelfth Chinese zodiac animal... and a symbol of wealth and good fortune.
While pigs are often thought of as lazy and unitelligent animals, it's not actually the case.
Kim Hyo-sun tells us more.
This pig is a pig of many talents.
It knows how to dribble a ball,... and how to bowl.
It can also bow to greet the audience.

"Happy Bow "
"Hello, nice to meet you "
"A pig that can put toys back in the box."

There are also cute mini pigs that can participate in racing games.
Known to have a keen sense of smell,... pigs are also very smart,... despite what most people think.

"Pigs are thought to be lazy and dumb, but they are actually very clean and smart, and you can even have them toilet trained. IQ tests have revealed that pigs can even outsmart dogs."

Moreover, pigs have great research value, as a genetically modified pig's cornea transplanted into a monkey is showing great progress.

"We believe the potential for pig corneas for transplants is very high and will be used in clinical trials on humans before too long."

Pigs are often considered symbols of wealth and good fortune,... which is why the birthrate during the years of the golden pig often surge by ten percent in South Korea.
Likewise, many people around the world are hoping the New Year can bring them great fortune and wealth.
Kim Hyo-sun, Arirang News.