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US Army to get new armored tanks for light infantry

TomoNews US
TomoNews US
WASHINGTON — BAE Systems and General Dynamics have been chosen by the U.S. Army to build prototype tanks.

Both companies have been given a contract of US$376 million to build 12 medium-armor prototype vehicles that are compatible with Infantry Brigade Combat Teams, or IBCTs.

The company will create a light combat vehicle called the BAE Systems Mobile Protected Firepower that will have scaled armor, survivability subsystems, and a M35 105mm cannon, along with other features, according to a BAE Systems press release.

Its cannon will include an auto-loading ammunition system, capable of firing 12 rounds per minute.

According to a General Dynamics news release, the company said it looks forward to providing a large-caliber, mobile combat vehicle to support the troops.

The winning vehicle is expected to have the ability defeat heavy machine guns and armored vehicles, as well as maintain defensive operations.

These light armored vehicles will be designed to travel fast on missions to areas that are harder to reach for heavier vehicles.
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