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President Moon receives briefing from defense, gender equality ministries on 2019 policy plans

Arirang News
Arirang News
President Moon Jae-in is continuing a series of meetings with his top officials from various ministries today.
He's been meeting with the ministry of defense and he is scheduled to hear from the minister of gender equality and family shortly.
We have our Blue House correspondent Hwang Hojun on the phone for us for more details.
Hojun, what can you tell us?

Jiyoon, President Moon's policy briefing for 2019 with the Defense Ministry started a couple hours ago with more than 160 people attending.
It was held under the slogan, "A strong defense that makes peace with the people."
At the outset, President Moon highly evaluated the recent changes that happened within a year with North Korea.
He specifically referred to the September 19 Inter-Korean Military Agreement,... in which Seoul and Pyeongyang agreed to cease all military hostilities.
However, he urged the Defense Ministry not to rest on its laurels until the peace process is complete,... insisting peace can only last when the nation's military forces are strong.
The Defense Ministry's five-point policy plan for 2019 was also shared during the meeting.
One. Establishing a strong defense posture against all known security threats.
Two. Continuing to build trust between the two Koreas.
Three. Reforming the military.
Four. Preparing for the early transfer of wartime operational control from Washington to Seoul.
And finally, cultivating a morale-boosting military culture to win the people's trust.
After the meeting ended, President Moon visited an office at the Ministry of Defense in charge of North Korean affairs,.. to encourage them to keep working hard.

And Hojun, as we mentioned before, President Moon is going to meet with the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family after lunch?

Correct. The meeting is set to start in less than two hours,... after President Moon has a working luncheon with the Minister of Defense and the Minister of Gender Equality.
The slogan for this afternoon's meeting is "Equality Becoming the Norm."
A discussion session is set to take place, where the attendees will share their thoughts on how to prevent bullying among teenagers,... and the social changes and challenges brought to light by the "Me-Too" movement.
President Moon will once again encourage ministry employees by visiting the office in charge of supporting low-income single parents and overcoming discrimination against single mothers.
We'll bring you more updates later in the afternoon.

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