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Pj Masks Balls Ice Cream Cones , Learn Colors with Pj Masks Wrong Heads

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Our Favourite characters are those from the Netflix series Super Monsters as well as the PJ Masks Series! All the characters from PJ masks as in Howler, Catboy, Gekko, Owlette, Armadylan, Romeo, Luna Girl, Night Ninja, RIP, Kevin and all the characters from Super Monster as in Lobo Howler, Cleo Graves, Zoe Walker, Igor, Frankie Katya and Drac!

Come follow along as we play with all the new toys from Hasbro Toys! They have come out with a new line for both of these awesome Netflix series!

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Super Monsters | Wrong heads | Hasbro Toys | Cleo Spike Glorb Esmie and Igor

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Pj Masks Balls Ice Cream Cones , Learn Colors with Pj Masks Wrong Heads

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