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Google Earth Won't Update Images of Area 51 - Secret Military Base

Seeker Land
Seeker Land
Why Did Google Refuse To Update Google Earth Images Over Top-Secret Experimental Military Base Near Area 51 In Nevada?
Could this super-secret location be where the US government hides crashed UFOs? Or is it where the next generation of stealth aircraft, drones and hypersonic weapons are developed and tested? Either way the US government is hugely concerned - and understandably so. Along with drones flown by hobbyists, the easy availability of high-quality satellite imagery has caused immense problems for the military and the intelligence community.

The Google Earth blind spot over an experimental military base in Nevada may have been used to cover up a “super secret location” where the US government kept crashed UFOs, a defence insider has claimed

Why does conspiracy theory exist? Because there are questions that simply cannot be answered. Why did Google Earth refuse to update thier images of the Tonopah Test Range in Nevada not far from the infamous Area 51? No one is willing to say. Just like no one can give a satisfying answer for why airplanes are not allowed to fly over the South Pole, and why there is a 7 nation military treaty that prevents access to the area.

NASA landed a man on the moon in 1969, so they say, yet refused to make another moon landing after 1972. The greatest accomplishment in human history, landing on another planet, and you just stop?? Did they find something up there that they are hiding, were they told not to go anymore, did they never really go? It boggles the mind that no satisfying answer has ever been given but yet there it is.

Conspiracy Theory exists because governments like to give obviously false versions of events, like the ridiculous notion that Lee Harvey Oswald’s shot created 5 bullet wounds in two different people with a single bullet. But given enough time, conspiracy theory eventually becomes established fact.

FROM THE SUN UK: Google Earth did not update its images of the dry lake beds of the Tonopah Test Range – just a few miles from the infamous Area 51 – for eight years – and has not explained why. Now former MoD man Nick Pope has branded the situation “murky” and suggested it could have been part of a “gentleman’s agreement” between Google and the US government.

While other military ranges have been consistently mapped, the Tonopah Test Range was not photographed between 2008 and 2016. This is the longest any part of the continental US has not been updated, according to a Motherboard report.