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  • 5 years ago
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The biggest dilemma facing the cast of The Dilemma, aside from being asked lots of questions with the word 'dilemma' in them during the movie's press day, was keeping a straight face when acting opposite Vince Vaughn. The movie isn't a rom-com in the strictest sense, more a provocative look at relationships and honestly with lots of added funniness, so the serious scenes need serious punch. So we asked Winona Ryder, Ron Howard and Jennifer Connelly - and Oscar-y ensemble if ever there was one - how they managed to deliver it while staring into the eyes of one of the funniest men alive. We also asked about a fair few other things, including cookery, David Bowie, insomnia and late night calls to Al Pacino. We're not gonna lie: at times it got pretty unusual, even before Vaughn and Kevin James were subjected to an impromptu movie mastermind quiz that ended in disarray.
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