Jameson Empire Awards 2009: Outstanding Contribution To British Film - Danny Boyle | Empire Magazine

  • 5 years ago
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The Acceptance Speech
"Thank you very much - to get this from Bury is amazing. In inimitable Bury fashion, we trounced Bournemouth on Saturday 1-nil. I hate to contradict Michael Sheen, but the best line of the year has got to be, for obvious reasons "You're Australian. Act Australian" from Tropic Thunder. I've got to thank the writers and producers I've worked with actually, which is not a long list. So I'd like to thank John Hodge, Alex Garland, Frank Cottrell Boyce and Simon Beaufoy, the producers Andrew Macdonald, Graham Broadbent and finally Christian Colsen. The biggest thanks have got to be to Empire, who have been incredibly supportive of my work in less glamorous times and thank you for bringing the glamour of Bury to the stage. The readers were probably not involved in this because they were too busy voting for Mamma Mia as soundtrack of he year Really? But thank you anyway, thanks very much indeed."
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