Sony Ericsson Empire Awards 2008: Sony Ericsson Soundtrack Award - Control | Empire Magazine

  • 5 years ago
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The Acceptance Speech
Anton Corbjin
"Musically, I was very inspired by England - it's the reason I ever moved here. The soundtrack was a joy to put together, there was so much choice of music, I even managed to put a Dutch band in there, I'd like to point that out. As far as the film goes, I have to go back to New Order because not only did we use existing music but we also had a score that was done by Bernard and New Order, which is very rare for them to do and I'm very grateful to them. The last music they ever made is one the CD.

"Also on the CD, we have real musicians, New Order are real musicians I'm sorry, real actors who became real musicians who performed all the songs live and one of those takes is also on the album. The movie wouldn't have been half as good if they'd played against playback and having James, Sam and Joe playing everything live, I'd especially like to thank them because they really forced me to film them live and I think that's one of the best things that they did to me.

"Thank you very much, I really loved making this film, thank you."
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