Rival parties divided over plans to connect railroads across inter-Korean border

5 years ago
국토교통위, 남북철도 연결 놓고 공방

South Korean lawmakers were auditing the state railway operator today.
Rival parties were sharply divided over plans to connect railroads across the inter-Korean border.
The ruling Democratic Party called it an investment for the future and said the ripple effects will be huge, as it will link the Korean Peninsula to Eurasia.
It also stressed the need for a single government-wide control center... to coordinate related projects.
However, the main opposition Liberty Korea Party was strongly against the idea,... saying that North Korea's denuclearization must come first.
It also criticized the railway operator,... claiming that internal documents show they've already mapped out specific plans regarding inter-Korean economic cooperation and the operation of railways across the border -- despite sanctions still being in place.
The opposition added... the government should postpone the ground-breaking ceremony for the new railway connections the two Koreas agreed to hold before the year's end.