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Supreme Court verdict on firecrackers ban: SC bans online sale of firecrackers

Huge verdict from the SC ahead of Diwali 2018; The SC has partially banned the sale of fire crackers. E-sale of fire crackers is banned. And only reduced emission crackers are the only things that can be manufactured and sold. Meanwhile, only licensed vendors are allowed to sell fire crackers. Even those already manufactured can’t be sold they the crackers aren't green. This order is not just limited to Diwali but to all festivals. Bursting of crackers is allowed from 8-10pm only on Diwali. On Christmas and New Year’s cracker bursting is allowed till 11:55pm-12:30 am. For the implementation of the order the local show will be personally liable for contempt and state pollution control boards have also been instructed to carry out short term monitoring 7 days prior and 7 days post.
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