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3 years ago

From shopping to clubbing...Hanbok has become comfortable, trendy everyday clothing

Arirang News
Arirang News
쇼핑도 클러빙도 한복차림...한복을 일상처럼, 일상을 한복처럼
It's no longer a rare sight to see young people in Korea wearing the country's traditional clothing Hanbok,... even outside the usual tourist spots like the capital's palaces.
More and more young people are wearing Hanbok in their everyday lives.
Many say it's not only comfortable, but stylish.
Kim Da-mi has more in a special report filmed on a smartphone.
It's just another day for Seo-lo, a Hanbok enthusiast, except she has dolled up to spend her day off with a friend.
Korea's traditional clothing Hanbok is not actually a special outfit for her ever since she learned that a piece of clothing can make her feel so special and beautiful.

“People have asked me if I'm attending special occasions or if I'm a shaman but I just tell them it's just everyday clothing for me. To me, Hanbok is another beautiful and comfortable piece of clothing just like pants, dresses and shirts.”

“Nowadays I see a lot of twists on Hanbok that are easy to wear like regular clothes so I think Hanbok can be worn just fine while working too.”

Hanbok enthusiasts like Seo-lo gather and share their love for Hanbok at events like the Hanbok Autumn Market.

With more than 40 Hanbok businesses participating, the annual event organized by the Culture Ministry gives visitors a taste of traditional Hanbok but also in forms that are easy to rock for all.

From delicate accessories to the colorful traditional Korean skirt Jeogori,… traditional Korean fashion has transformed into something that's comfortable yet trendy and stylish.

"Hanbok can be worn in everyday life because I feel comfortable while studying and eating. There's no pressure on my legs."

After some shopping, a fun day off continues on with clubbing with of course Hanbok on.
If you have the confidence and feel comfortable, a puffy Joegori and the Baeja vest might be the perfect outfit for dancing the night away.
KIM Da-mi, Arirang News.

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