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3 years ago

Hot Wheels Trick Tracks Android Attack Hot Wheels Track Set Just Like Domino Chain Reaction - RaceGrooves review

Kids love to play with Hot Wheels and Trick Tracks was a system that got a few years worth of products. The first year was colorful basic Trick Track stunts, the next year was Dino-themed sets for those who love dinosaurs. The last year was Robot-themed stunts.

This is a review of Hot Wheels Trick Tracks Android Attack and was from the Robot-themed stunts and has a copyright of 2010.

Trick Tracks are compatable with Hot Wheels Track Builder parts. However, whereas Track Builder sends cars through your entire layout, Trick Tracks was more like dominos. One car would be sent to the next stunt which would trigger a different car to the stunt after that, and so on...

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