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3 years ago

McLaren Uber?! Visiting Toronto's Supercars in a 675LT | VLOG

Touchdown Toronto! What better way to get started than an 'Uber' ride around in a surprise McLaren 675LT Spider to visit the Car Cathedral - an epic Ford collection, and Pfaff McLaren - to meet with you guys at the Shmeeting and to collect a 570GT to drive during my time in Canada!

A huge thanks goes to Saturn from @SaturnsDrives who introduced and helped me line-up a lot of my stops in Toronto. To get things started, Saturn had told me that I'd have an "Uber X" he arranged for the day and that happened to be @kevin_mcdonald226 who arrived at my hotel in his McLaren 675LT Spider! Departing in the torrential weather we got on the road to our first stop, heading past the Ford HQ in Canada - topical for the main reason of my visit - to see my GT in production!

Our first stop is to visit Angelo Paletta of @24hrford to take a look inside his Car Cathedral! Angelo is a huge Ford collector with a garage comprising 2 first gen GTs, a very accurate GT40 recreation, his new GT that unfortunately wasn't present and more! Not just that though, but also presented in a magical way with huge amounts of memorabilia surrounding the cars.

Next up it's back on the road to Pfaff McLaren Toronto for the Shmeeting to meet up with so many of you guys! Arranged again by Saturn, the team at Pfaff very kindly hosted us with many supercars in attendance and lots of people hanging out and discussing cars. To top it off, I then collected a 570GT from them to use during my stay in Toronto and to get around - my first time driving with the car since the launch drive in Tenerife 2.5 years ago.

A special thanks goes to:

What a start to my visit to Canada, with so much more to come!

Thanks for watching, Tim

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