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3 years ago

Low-Flying Police Helicopter Interrupts 'Unruly' Penn State Tailgate Party

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is investigating a September 29 incident prior to a Penn State football game in which a low-flying police state helicopter interrupted a large crowd of tailgaters.The incident saw tents and other materials brought by those in attendance to swoop through the air, causing a stunned reaction from those on the ground.The helicopter flew over the parking lot full of college football fans at Penn State University, who were in town for a game the following day between Penn State and Ohio State. Media reports indicate that state police were called to assist in policing “unruly” tailgaters. The video shows the dramatic scene unfold as the helicopter caused debris – including large tents and coolers – to fly through the air.Uploader Chris Le, a junior at Penn State Unversity, was among the hundreds present and described the scene in an interview with Good Morning America, saying that “debris was flying everywhere, hitting people.” Credit: Chris Le via Storyful
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