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Phil Heath Interview: Thoughts On Mr. Olympia 2018 | One On One With Phil Heath (Part 1)

Phil Heath's thoughts on losing Mr. Olympia 2018.

ONE ON ONE WITH PHIL HEATH - is an exclusive 4-part interview with Phil Heath one week after his loss at the Mr. Olympia 2018. Vlad Yudin sat down with Phil for nearly two hours discussing his immediate emotions after losing, a play by play of the weekend, and his plans for the future. This is part 1 of the interview.

The bodybuilding world changed on September 15, 2018. That was the day that Phil Heath lost the Mr. Olympia after seen consecutive wins as the reigning champion. Many didn't think it was possible - at least not in 2018. Yet here we are in a new bodybuilding landscape.

Phil Heath took some time to process his feelings on the loss but eventually sat down with Generation Iron's Vlad Yudin to discuss in detail everything from why he believes he lost, what he could have done better, and what he plans to do in the future. He doesn't mince words and speaks in a raw, blunt, and uncut manner.

In part one of our four part interview, Phil Heath goes into detail about his performance at the Olympia 2018 weekend, how the casual internet media purposefully spreads negative news to get clicks, and how he doesn't see himself as losing the Mr. Olympia... he simply didn't beat Shawn Rhoden. Check out the full interview above.

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