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3 years ago

Knock-Out Returns with Owner Financed Notes with Donna Bauer

Episode 322

Scott: I’m excited to be here and we’ve got two for you on this show. We’ve got me and the amazing woman, the myth, the legend, the original note buyer she likes to call herself, our good friend, Donna Bauer. Welcome, Donna.

Donna: Scott, thanks for having me on. This is awesome.

Scott: I’m glad to have you here as well. How’s your season going? Are you having a good time?

Donna: It’s awesome. I have a built-in pool and I have used it more this year than the entire time I’ve lived in this house.

Scott: There’s nothing wrong with making money while you’re sitting in the pool, is there?

Donna: I have my iPhone and I’m on my raft in the middle of the pool. I did lose two iPhones.

Scott: That allows you to keep up with the technology. There’s nothing wrong with that as well. For the few people that don’t know who you are, why don’t you tell us who Donna Bauer is? Who’s the original note buyer?

Donna: I have been buying notes for 30 years. I was a typical soccer mom. I was looking for a way to better my family’s financial future and I started doing notes on my dining room table. I had been doing it ever since. I teach people all over the country how to buy and sell. I like seller finance notes, but I also do the nonperforming. Anything having to do with notes, I do it.

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